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MarqueeGaming - Art & D&D Streams on Twitch


Our feature this month is MarqueeGaming, made up of Rachael/Pip and Mark, a husband and wife team who stream their Dungeons and Dragons games and art (and whatever else they find fun) for anyone to enjoy!

Watch Mystical Mishaps

Join them on Sundays at 7pm CST on Twitch for their gothic horror homebrew D&D 5e campaign, ‘Mystical Mishaps’. Magic is broken, and the chat can help magic stabilize or help it grow more chaotic and unpredictable through redeeming channel points!

You can find the links to their socials, including Pip’s art account below!


A sample of pips art and their dnd campaign logo

How did MarqueeGaming get into the TTRPG community?

11 years ago, when Mark and Rachael were newly engaged, Mark found out that Rachael had played some dnd back in her high school days. He always thought dnd sounded like a lot of fun, and begged her to run a game for him. Rachael said ‘absolutely not’. Mark then bought Rachael some very pretty sparkle dice. Then Rachael said, “Okay, I guess I can run a game for you.” And so their tabletop journey began (And never stopped!)

Even though Rachael started out DMing, Mark quickly realized he loved the storytelling aspect of DMing and started running games of his own. All through their engagement and marriage, Mark has always run a complex, dramatic campaign and Rachael had always played in them.

Why did you start streaming your games?

In 2020, being bored at home during the pandemic was enough of a push for us to start streaming dnd campaigns. It’s always been our goal to create a positive, kind, encouraging environment where people can get lost in a story. Mark DMs the campaign, and Rachael does the art for the PCs and various NPCs. It’s been such a dream to create stories together and take others along for the ride!

Why we love them

Mark and Pip are such a force of positivity, especially in their own community online. They are welcoming, warm and Pip’s excitement and enthusiasm is infectious.  I’m also maybe a little jealous that they are living every D&D player’s dreams of having regular weekly games, yes, plural!

Mark is a blessed-by-the-dice-gods Dungeon Master and Pip’s art and roleplay skills will make you wonder what sort of pact she made to achieve that. I wanted to highlight them because they’ve become such a pillar of support and friendship in my life beyond all the streaming collaborations – I love them and you should too!

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