Today we’re going to be spotlighting something wonderful from our community, our friends over at Catchy Cantrips have been working away at developing a community-driven, text-based adventure game that is run through a discord bot. Saviors of Crius Roleplaying game has a pre-launch page on Kickstarter which you can check out here so you can be notified about the Kickstarter going live.

This choose-your-own-adventure roleplaying game has over 10 unique regions for you to explore with quests that have branching paths and various endings. The game also features functionality for crafting, trading, player vs. player combat and exploration including dungeon crawls!

Contribute to Saviors of Crius

The amount of work and care that has gone into this RPG bot from the Catchy Cantrips community is impressive. The word-building for Saviors of Crius has been a labour of love between the crew of Catchy Cantrips and the viewers in their Twitch stream and Discord community. You can join their lives streams for their interactive TTRPG live stream as well as for their world-building streams where you can contribute to the world of Crius with your suggestions.

Catchy Cantrips allows their chat to help create setting lore, NPCs, creatures and more during their streams, you can check out their channel here.

Info on Saviors of Crius RPG

Create a Character in Saviors of Crius

In this text-based adventure game, you will be able to create your own character and take them into battle against your foes, complete quests given to you while you adventure around the realm going on solo missions and group expeditions. Catchy Cantrips will also be hosting monthly community events for everyone to participate in even more gripping adventures.

The character creation options include choosing a species and a class initially and you’ll be able to gain more items and gear as you go along to upgrade your characters. While race provides no mechanical advantage for your character, this means that you also don’t have to worry about the impact that your choice of race has on the type of character that you want to build.

The Basics of Game

The Saviors of Crius RPG bot uses is a simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons so you’ll still be able to get that classic D&D feel without it being cumbersome to play through text. You’ll be able to roll for initiative, which, I mean, who doesn’t love to do that? In battle, you can decide what spell, weapon or item you want to use and will have action options like dealing damage, healing, altering stats or fleeing during your turn.

You won’t have to worry about the game feeling too repetitive as Catchy Cantrips has implemented the use of AI in their combat encounters for Saviors of Crius so that you have unique encounters for varying gameplay. The AI implemented in the game will help each enemy you face to vary in some way with some enemies being more intelligent and tactical while others may be cowardly and flee.

Saviors of Crius Gameplay Example

Back the Kickstarter and get cute stuff

We love having familiars and party pets in our games, don’t we? Well the good news is that backers for the SOCRPG will deliver on that desire as anyone who backs the Kickstarter will get a Tatoe Tot familiar in the game. What’s a Tatoe Tot? Tatoe Tots are just cute little guys. In some live streams on Twitch, there are little avatars at the bottom of the stream that you can customize and use to battle other viewers while you watch the stream as an additional form of entertainment. Over on Catchy Cantrip’s channel, Ash has made all their avatars which are round little fey creatures called Tatoes and they’re heckin’ adorable.

Tatoe familiar from Saviors of Crius

Your character in the world of Crius could have a Tatoe Tot of their very own!

Be part of an evolving game

The Saviors of Crius roleplaying game will keep growing, changing and being added to as the years go by and more people continue to contribute to the world and use the bot. With already extensive options for gameplay like the ability to join a guild or visit different shops, the trajectory of the game is promising and we look forward to what the Catchy Cantrips community continues to do with this text-based game.

Make sure to check out Catchy Cantrips on your favourite platform and consider either backing the Kickstarter for their Saviors of Crius RPG bot or joining the game when it comes out. The game will be subscription-based for $5 a month which will cover the server costs and support the gameplay.

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Written By: VixxDraws

VixxDraws is one of the co-founders of Top Down Tabletop, in charge of creative direction and one of the main channel artists.