In a previous post where we reviewed the Kids on Brooms TTRPG, we touched a bit on the magic houses we created for our school, Wickwood Academy. Today, we’re going to share those magic houses with you so that you can incorporate them into your game, whether Kids on Brooms or another system, they can serve as a ready-to-go jumping-off point for you and those magical misfits in your game.

The creation of these schools was a group effort, I went with the classic four houses like at Hogwarts but at Wickwood Academy, the collaboration between houses is the key to the success of the school. The first thing I did was decide on the Academy’s values which were Adaptability, Curiosity, Humility and Perseverance. From there the players helped me match animals to each value and I chose colours that are often associated with those values through colour theory, though I did end up switching a couple out just for aesthetics and to not be so on par with Hogwarts.

The players each chose the school they felt best matched their school and seemed to have no problem doing so. So, let’s dive in and take a look at the first magic house.

House Plumewin

Value: Curiosity
Symbol: Bluejay
Colour: Blue

House Plumewin members are ever drawn toward new discoveries, whether searching to uncover magical mysteries or getting to the truth of the matter. Students and alumni of this house are marked by curiosity, wonder and a critical eye.

House Motto: “Leave no stone unturned.”

Students belonging to this house: Emmy Webb played by thimblesedge

House Lunewise

Value: Perseverance
Symbol: Wolf
Colour: Silver

House Lunewise members push through their obstacles and use the challenges that come their way to strengthen who they are rather than finding a way around them. Students and alumni of this house are marked by perseverance and loyalty. “Wolf pack! Awoooo!”

House Motto: In the end, we remain.

Students belonging to this house: Erryk Sha played by Shanks, Joey Hart played by DreamyKindOfDay

Lapindor - Rabbit Magic House - Kids on Brooms TTRPG

House Lapindor

Value: Adaptability
Symbol: Rabbit
Colour: Orange

House Lapindor members feel as though they don’t fit in but have a knack for finding their footing in the face of adversity and have unique solutions to problems. Students and alumni of this house are marked by adaptability and creativity.

House Motto: By any path necessary.

Students belonging to this house: Rev Lindstrom played by Michel, Juno Rhodes played by MatesOfFate

Ramurelin House - Deer - Humility Magic House

House Ramurelin

Value: Humility
Symbol: Deer
Colour: Brown

House Ramurelin members are quick to lift others up and have a strong sense of belief that everyone is stronger as a team but often find themselves more suited to support roles. Students and alumni of this house are marked by humility and encouragement. Also known as ‘Deer House’

House Motto: Others before self

Students belonging to this house: Potion Polly npc

Use These Magic Houses in Your Tabletop Game

There you have it, our four custom magic houses ready to be inserted into your next tabletop game! You don’t have to limit yourself to using these only in Kids on Brooms, you can use these for any game you have where you’re in need of some magic houses for your players to engage with.

Download Now

You can download these in a PDF format and pitch them to your players by clicking this link. Let us know what house you think you belong to and remember, as always, play with the top down

Beautiful Artwork by MichelOfAllTrades
House Concepts was a group effort by all the players in our Kids on Brooms series
House Descriptions by VixxDraws