Today’s Homebrew D&D Monster comes from our very own DM PetulantCobra from Episode 4 of our Tides of Zemali Campaign. The Magic Item Golem was not only a fun enemy to face in the depths of the dungeon but also provided the party with some loot upon its demise. Standing around 10ft tall, and 10ft wide, this medium construct is a writhing mess of small magic items that have been together enough under the right circumstance to become animated. Its body is an amalgamation of random objects which moves by makings itself taller and tumbling over toward its target.

Magic Item Golem Stat Block
1The floor in a 10 ft radius around this construct becomes covered in oil. This oil has the same properties as the grease spell (DC 13) and is flammable. The golem automatically succeeds the saving throw to avoid becoming prone.
2A gob of energy is expelled from the creature at a target of it’s choice. This energy has the properties of the spell chaos bolt but is limited to 60 feet in range. The golem’s spell attack modifier for this is +5
3A fine powder fills the air around the golem. All creatures in melee with the golem must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or start violently sneezing becoming incapacitated until the end of it’s next turn.
4A thick smoke billows out of a vial embedded in the golem. This ability has the properties of an eversmoking bottle but the radius of this cloud only expands if the golem rolls a 4 again on this table.
5The golem resonates with a deep and hollow sound. This ability functions as pipes of the sewers
6An arc of magical energy jumps from the golem to one creature of it’s choice within 10 feet of it. The creature must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or take 2d6 lightning damage.
7Roll on the bag of beans table. Re-roll if you roll a 91-100. The effect occurs immediately, ignoring the regular minute activation time.
8A random object falls out of the golem. Roll on the robe of useful items table. If this ability creates a creature, it has the same attitude towards creatures that the golem does. If this ability creates an item or creature large enough to cause damage, it falls on a creature within 5 feet of it dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage

If you use this monster in your campaign, we’d love to hear about it and if you used it in a stream, drop a link below so we can watch your session! And remember, play with the top down!