Welcome to the Top Down Tabletop blog where we’ll be posting our homebrew D&D 5e monsters, spells, settings, NPCs and more. Today we’re taking a look at DM Shanks’ monstrosity creation, The Lupera which was used in an older campaign of ours and really messed up the party. The threat here for the lower-level adventurer is when they’re able to successfully apply the knockdown ability. Shanks was looking for something with a bit of a different flavour from a wolf and ended up creating a hybrid between a wolf and a panther.

Lupera Stat Block, with image of the wolf and panther hybrid monstrosity
Stat Block for Lupera by DM Shanks, Art by VixxDraws

Lupera Description

Lupera are stealthy, dangerous, creatures with both feline and canine properties. They have thick hides covered in fur that is usually black or grey, large pointed ears, and sharp eyes that can detect even the faintest amounts of light.

The Lupera is a cunning hunter that may stalk its prey solo, but more often hunts in a pack that viciously attempts to take down any creature they see as a potential meal. When faced with resistance, the Lupera will instinctively focus their attacks on the target they perceive as the easiest prey; though if they become overwhelmed they will flee and search for easier prey.

A monstrosity, not a beast

These creatures seem to have only recently sparked into existence but are quickly becoming a dominant predator in many regions. Some experts believe that the species is a spontaneous mutation of local fauna, others that it was an intentional crossbreeding of Wolves and Panthers, but given their region of origin, all agree that the mysterious hailstone probably had something to do with their sudden appearance.


Given their wolf and panther-like traits, the Lupera can be found in almost any biome. Though we used this creature in a colder setting, there’s nothing stopping it from being part of a jungle or forest-centric campaign.

Feel free to use the Lupera in your games and let us know how it goes! You can download a creature token for it here.