Today’s Homebrew D&D Creature is a Gargantuan Monstrosity called The Slypher. The Slypher was used as a boss fight in our mini-series Journeys of The Sandseas. This creature, who lurks in the Sand sea ended up taking out our cleric despite our best efforts and all the ki points and spell slots burned to retrieve him. Rest in peace Trandal. Let’s take a look at this creation by DM Shanks with art by Kaz The DM.

Stat Block for Lupera by DM Shanks, Art by KazTheDM

The Desert Wyrm

The Slypher has a gargantuan serpentine form with massive stony scales that even seasoned adventurers would have a tough time piercing. Its great maw resembles that of an ancient dragon, with a pointed beak that is hard enough to push through solid granite. The body is made up of 18 large hardened scaled sections, each with a band of runes carved into it in an ancient forgotten language. Though much of the time, the Slypher rests in its nest on the sandsea, protected by an ever-present whirlwind of impenetrable sand; on occasion, it burrows out into the sandsea looking for creatures to sate its hunger.

Those who have been eaten by the Slypher both sustain it and become enslaved to it, becoming part of the undead horde it can regurgitate to attack any creature it sees as a threat.

Mysterious Origin

The Slypher appeared at the same time as the sand sea leading many to believe it is the cause of it. Some say it is an ancient primordial that tore a hole in the plane from the elemental plain of earth, yet others claim it was an ancient creature living below the surface roused by the coming of the sandsea. Those who have intimate knowledge of the God of Sand, however, know that the Slypher is a small piece of the minor deity that brought the sandsea into being; which broke off in the battle to entrap the sand god and prevent further harm to the world.

Expanded Statblock for the Slypher

Want to use the Slypher in your campaign? Download the token art right here! Free to use on-stream or off-stream.