We’re a group of friends who wanted to share our silly humour and story-telling with others and we’ve been fortunate enough to do just that. We play D&D and other tabletop RPGs on Twitch every Saturday evening and oddly enough, people also like hanging out with us while we do art, world-building and just chat about TTRPGs.

The TDTT Crew

Meet the nerdy faces that laugh at their own jokes every week.

Shanks @DM_Shanks
Dungeon Master / Learas Zamliath
The Dread Pirate Himself

Vixx @VixxDraws
Channel Artist / Timothy ‘Nym’ / Camriel 
Resident Eldritch Horror

David @Petulantcobra
Dungeon Master / Nora Brightgem
Chief of Broken Builds

Cheryl @Cheriebombette
Raivara Silverwind
Hot Elf Expert

Fal @Falarinx
Davin Singleblood / Wade
Supervisor of Hue-manity

Kaz @KazTheDM
Annath Amit
Vibe Master

Michel @michel_of_all_trades
Community Mod
Everything Specialist

It wouldn’t even be right to act like the community around us, including our mods, the wonderful people who show up and support our stream and our fellow streaming friends aren’t considered part of the crew. You know who you are and we love you!

A throwaway slogan that DM Shanks tossed out during the end of our first Livestream and it became our sign off every week.

Cheriebombette’s plant-loving conjuration wizard, Moira Aberdine makes a lot of plant puns. Good Chives only became one of our favourites.

What started off as somewhat of a joke, became a movement of men in our community who just love and support each other with no shame. Our dear friend CrimsonRockstar dubbed this group, The Triple H Club.